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Floral Impression

Floral Impression is changing the way flowers are enjoyed both at home and at work. We deliver a new floral design every month, containing the latest trends of our lifelike, real touch flowers.

Our no-hassle, maintenance free designs will leave a lasting floral impression every time. Their natural colours and aromas will instinctively bring happiness to your customers, whilst our incredibly affordable prices will bring a smile to yours. Begin with a no-obligation free trial and see if you are left with a floral impression.

Our Valuable Clients

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How We Work

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1. Free Trial

Give your business colour today. Free delivery, free trial, free smile.


2. Personalise Service

Choose the quality and size of design to suit your business.


3. New Monthly Design

Fresh design delivered every month.



Natural Scent

Real floral aromas


Hassle Free

No wilting. droppings or insects.


No Allergies

No pollen or odours to aggravate.


Water Free

No maintenance, watering or spills.


Floral Trends

The latest colours and trends in every size.


Save Money

On average 80% cheaper than real flower equivalents.

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Franchise Opportunities

Floral Impression is a growing success story and you can be a part of the action too. Our simple business model is designed to help franchisees build a profitable lifestyle business quickly that fits around you.

All good businesses are simple. This is why a Floral Impression franchise is an affordable business opportunity, that offers great return on investment and support to build a strong residual monthly income business within a short period of time.

We have franchise opportunities available internationally, so request more information today and join our growing team.


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